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Mission, Purpose & Core Beliefs

The Fox River Academy will foster in its students the passion and curiosity necessary for lifelong learning, and will, through an integrated, multiage curriculum, increase students’ proficiencies in the use of strategic learning processes and higher order thinking skills needed to be stewards of the environment and community.  

The purpose of the Fox River Academy is to provide relevant instruction through hands-on, real world experiences relating to the students’ place in the community and environment, for the betterment and understanding of their home, the Fox River Valley.

Core Beliefs
We believe that connected learning occurs when:

  • Topics of study are important and have value beyond school, and are taught where they fit most logically, rather than at specific grade levels.
  • Tasks are authentic and relate to students' own environment, utilizing the talents of expert learners in the community.
  • Time is spent in integrated, multi-age learning experiences, offering opportunities for cognitive and social connections necessary for high student achievement.